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Stephanie Kozinski Cipresse


I deliver product research, analysis and strategy for high technology companies. My clients have hunches about their next growth opportunities but require extra bandwidth and expertise to quickly achieve data driven decisions and actionable plans.  Companies contemplating the business case for a new product, extension into a new vertical, or expansion into a new channel engage my services because I deliver a clear, logical breakdown of the key drivers and decision criteria, a discussion of major alternatives and a compelling recommendation. 



  • Digest large quantities of complex, messy information and articulate a clear description of the current state that everyone can grasp and repeat. Colleagues say I come up to speed in a new domain faster and describe it with more clarity than most anyone, even those working in the same industry or organization for years. 
  • Break large, confounding problems into actionable steps that lead to decisions and progress. Teams who have been stalled move forward with renewed purpose.
  • Facilitate product roadmap and business planning sessions to reach clear decision steps, identified gaps and actionable results. 
  • Concisely and effectively communicate to diverse audiences and teams – including top executives, technical architects, marketing copywriters and skeptical customers. 
  • Dive into execution details while maintaining alignment with strategic objectives. 


  • Gathered requirements and market research to define more than ten new products.
  • Built business cases for more than a dozen strategic product investments. 
  • Created more than six detailed PRD’s and reviewed countless others. 
  • Led eight or more product teams through the development of significant new products and countless follow-on releases. 
  • Developed product message, sales tools, collateral, channel activation and demand generation programs for more than seven different products. 
  • Product launch spokesperson to sales, analysts, press, partners, and customers for more than eight separate products.
  • Managed product management and marketing teams from 1 to 18. 
  • Redesigned product roadmap, product lifecycle, product launch and customer input processes. 


I have two little boys, ages 7 and 6, and a dog who is my first child.  I'm married to someone who reminds me to laugh at least several times a day.  



I've taken the Meyers-Briggs test four times ... I'm an ISTJ. I enjoy chatting as much as the next person, love speaking in front of crowds (especially the Q&A -- bring it on), but need alone time to recharge.  Organization, the details, consequences, tradeoffs, implications -- these all help make the big picture more real for me. My nickname at one job was "The Reality Police".  And I took it as a compliment. Pair me with a visionary and we can move mountains. 




  • Great products that engage customers.
  • Teams that dive in to understand and solve real problems. 
  • Mindful, positive parenting. 
  • Yoga (Bikram, Vinyasa, Yin). 
  • Hiking the hills in the Bay Area or Tahoe. 
  • Making my boys laugh with puns, silly songs, charades or pure physical humor. 
  • Classified ads.  Rescue dogs are eternally loyal.