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Tobuka Consulting provides product research, analysis and strategy services for high technology companies.  Companies who engage our consultants include startups and established businesses in the software, computer, and Internet industries. Clients for Tobuka Consulting include venture-funded startups, established companies and Fortune 100 firms. These clients rely on our consultants to supplement their internal teams expertise and provide valuable external perspective. Here are some examples of the services Tobuka Consulting offers. 

Product Research for Informed Business Decisions

  • Why are some customers referring our products to associates and others never return after initial review?
  • Which key features will contribute the most market share gain next year?
  • Will this new customer segment require additional features or repackaging?
  • Which solution offering will maximize potential revenue across several segments?
  • How can we effectively engage a new channel?

High technology firms face questions like these every month and rely on overburdened product managers to answer them.  Rich customer and market understanding form the foundation for any significant product decision.  Our consultants can identify the gaps in current understanding and develop a research plan to gather key information.

Tobuka Consulting can perform in-depth customer interviews to understand customer requirements, buying habits, or perceptions. We can provide comparison company actions and offerings to deduce best practices and market acceptance. Then our consultants provide summary interpretations and practical recommendations for informed decisions. And if required, Tobuka Consulting can create the product definition, or channel plan to communicate the strategic decisions to the teams that execute.

Product Analysis Services to Focus Efforts

Creating a product strategy that reflects the shared knowledge of a diverse team from disciplines across the company requires the ability to synthesize disparate viewpoints and masses of dynamic information into a cohesive model that can be communicated to execution teams quickly and effectively.  Tobuka Consulting can collect internal knowledge across marketing, product, sales, support and executive teams and combine those inputs into a clear analysis of a client’s product issues.  Known for our strong analytical skills and in-depth understanding of technology and market drivers, Tobuka consulting clients rely on us to clarify issues to focus group decisions and then prioritize pragmatically. Key stakeholders can more effectively discuss complex product issues in with a common framework.  The analysis prepares the stakeholders for better decisions: decisions that focus team efforts and lead to effective business results.

Product Strategy Services that Win

A crisp, well-communicated product strategy drives efficient product teams. Tobuka consultants can facilitate stakeholder discussions to create a high-level product strategy with committed support, well defined objectives and pragmatic actions. Then we will develop the details for a product strategy that permits each team to determine their detailed plans for a synchronized product release. Clients that engage our product strategy services receive product strategies that everyone in the organization can articulate. Team members that understand how their deliverables impact product release and business goals deliver better results.

Product Marketing Execution and Coaching

When necessary, Tobuka Consulting can also execute portions of the product strategies we develop.  We can act as the product and market content expert for a new product launch, providing well-positioned content for presentations, web sites and sales tools.

To increase launch visibility, we are able to meet with industry thought leaders to represent our client companies with credible market knowledge and detailed customer problem statements that raise visibility and PR success for our client’s solution.  Along the way we teach novice outbound product marketers how to be the product evangelist for the next release.