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We are known for our clear thinking, in-depth analysis, and effective communication. We translate with ease between strategic imperatives and technical details. These are the skills that differentiate us and bring clients back to us when they face tough problems.

Tobuka consultants have held positions in leading high technology companies that cover the full range of product strategy, product management and product marketing roles. We have hired and managed teams of product managers in startups and established companies.

As employees or consultants, we have enabled “go-to-market” plans that include online direct storefronts to small businesses, direct sales to Enterprise companies, indirect sales through complex multi-tiered international distribution, system integrators, and value-added reseller partners. We have lived though multiple releases of products that increase market share year to year. 

We have experience in a wide range of product areas including: 

Software: Cloud Applications, Mobile Applications, PLM and PDM, Network and System Management, Small Business Accounting, Payment Gateways

Hardware:  Intel and RISC Servers, Semiconductor Components, Kiosks

Services:  Subscription Models, SaaS or hosted models, Outsourcing, Consulting, Remote Support

Go-to-Market Models:  Enterprise Sales, Multi-Tier Resellers, Direct Web Storefronts