Here's a little about me and who I am. I'd love to hear from you. 


Since February 2008, I've been working as an independent contractor focused on mobile computing and SaaS solutions where I've engaged the Agile/scrum methodology for many of these projects. 


I rapidly apply the latest technology to solve business problems. As a consummate technology evangelist, I'm constantly learning and sharing the latest trends with business users, technical teams, heck even complete strangers, to create unique and compelling solutions with tenacious customer focus. 


I have 20 years of experience working for large enterprises to two person startups and everything in between. My experience includes a variety of industries from motors manufacturing, semiconductor equipment manufacturing, database & enterprise software and B2B software integration to independent software consulting and mobile computing. My roles have largely been focused on Product Management and Product Strategy with Product Marketing and Alliances Management.


I've taken the MBTI test five times ... I'm an ENTJ. 

"ENTJs are among the rarest of types, accounting for about 2–5% of those who are formally tested. They tend to be self-driven, motivating, energetic, assertive, and competitive." ( Portrait of the Field Marshal & CAPT. Retrieved 2008-10-13)


"I hired Brian Cipresse from Tobuka Consulting to help Centric Software define and deliver an administration client for Centric Apparel PLM. We worked together seven years ago and reconnecting was easy. Our company goal was to speed the software deployment process by providing a web-based application configuration tool to customers and Solutions Delivery. Brian separated the work into three logical phases: Problem Definition, Requirements Definition, Development and Execution. Brian easily fit into our team, quickly adapted to our scrum-based development process and delivered the product on-time. In addition to focusing on this assignment, Brian provided guidance and hands-on assistance with product positioning, roadmap planning, interaction design hiring and portfolio management. I highly recommend Brian's skills to any company looking to take their product management practice to the next level."

Ron Watson, VP Product Development, Centric Software

“Brian Cipresse is a passionate, dedicated, market saavy Product Manager. Over the 7+ years of working together at Agile, Brian has successfully managed, driven, and launched multiple releases of various modules within the Agile PLM suite. Additionally, Brian drove and managed several business partners including Oracle, JDEdwards, CentricSoftware, and Adobe. Brian possesses and utilizes his knowledge and skills of not only the product management & product development process, while leveraging relationships across the business functions of Sales, Support, and Service. I'd have Brian lead or participate on any TEAM where I wanted to ensure success, and market leadership with a "known entity". Ray Hein-- VP Product Strategy (Agile Software)” June 4, 2007

Ray Hein, VP Product Strategy, Agile Software
hired and managed Brian at Agile Software


“I'd consider Brian the superlative in Product Management excellence. His ability to take on a portfolio of products and analyze it from the customer's as well as the company's strategic perspectives, and then lead a cross-functional team to deliver a set of quality solutions is quite exemplary. He thinks fast, verbalizes well and executes like a superhuman. A great colleague, friend and mentor.” August 13, 2009

Anurag Batra, CPIM, Product Manager, Agile Software
worked directly with Brian at Agile Software


“Brian had the ability to analyze, developed solutioins to meeting our ever scaling business requirements and deployed them on schedule to help improve overall operational margins and customer satifaction. Brian is one of the better out of box thinkers I've met in my 25+ years in semiconductors equipment manufacturing and service.” May 20, 2007

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Jim Young, hired Brian as a Business Consultant in 1994