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The name Tobuka is a Japanese surname meaning creative and independent. After an exhaustive search for short, pithy, available, and descriptive names, Tobuka came out of a brainstorming session, met most of our criteria and stuck.  

The company Tobuka Consulting, LLC, started in 2001 as Product Marketing Strategies. Stephanie Kozinski Cipresse offered product management and product marketing consulting services to high tech clients . The business grew with a small network of subcontractors, and in 2007 Brian Cipresse joined the practice. The new expanded venture required a new name more reflective of the breadth of experience and services this team offered. Tobuka was born and replaced the multi-syllabic moniker. 

Today Tobuka Consulting offers consulting services for high tech companies who have complex product decisions. Our practice has grown exclusively from personal references with our clients and colleagues.